6 Steps for Changing Habits

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This free worksheet walks you through 6 steps for Making Changes and Changing Habits.

I also include my podcast episode where I talk about these steps using examples from my personal and professional life.


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Josie Ong
Josie Ong

Hi, I'm Josie.

After years of being the World Champion of burnout, I finally decided ENOUGH. Life with workaholism, perfectionism and self-neglect wasn't working for me anymore.

I needed to do something about it. I needed to change. This was when I definitively chose to drop old priorities and pick up new priorities. I dropped old habits and picked up new habits.

I started to take walks where there wasn’t pavement. I’d sit by the lake, in the park, at the beach. I didn’t know it then, but a transformation had begun.

Now that we're in the age of the internet, I chose to take my education and experience as a therapist and speaker - to the digital space. Why? Because I'm now a wife and stay at home momma who wants to continue helping people reach their personal development goals through self-care and reflection.

You with me?

My mission is to create digital products that are

✓ Relevant Life can get messy. We can all make better and different choices. I help you dig into real life emotions, reactions and responses.

✓ Practical You've got a lot going on. I understand you don't have time to meditate six hours a day. I help you build new habits and behaviours.

Transformative We don't get better when our medicine is our poison. Change means getting honest. Uncomfortably honest.

I help you face it. I help you overcome it. I help you thrive.

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